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Default Re: Nuggets trade Allen Iverson to Pistons for Chauncey Billups, McDyess

Originally Posted by GOBB
And thier defense? Billups will make it better?
Thier cold spells on offense? Billups will make sure that doesnt happen?

Billups = Obama of PGs...change gon come!

Just dont see how 1 player solves the problems in Denver. They didnt exist last season because of Allen Iverson.

I'll be surprised if they get out the first round
so are you telling me you'd rather have allen iverson guard ANYONE over chauncey billups? that's hilarious. billups brings a culture of winning and defense to denver, which is something that was missing before. he'll set a great example for everybody else to follow.

cold spells on offense? are you serious? you're asking how a POINT GUARD can't help reduce the number of cold spells on offense... have you ever played basketball? that's just a ridiculous question in itself. you add a great point guard who can run an offense [in a MUCH more fluid manner than allen iverson], that's how their 'cold spells' on offense will be fixed.
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