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Default Re: Nuggets trade Allen Iverson to Pistons for Chauncey Billups, McDyess

I'm not arguing Billups wont help. He will. And he is what Denver has wanted. But help them how much? Billups on Denver is not getting the Nuggets past Kobe & the Lakers. Billups on Denver is not getting them past Houston, Utah.
im not arguing that if they had billups they would've won but he does help them out a little defensively.

They went from a small Anthony Carter/Allen Iverson backcourt that couldnt guard a brick to a Chauncey Billups/Dahante (who cares how i spell his name right?) Jones backcourt. Now, i dont know how good a defender Jones is but the Billups trade did help their perimeter D because at least now they have size to match up against opponents.

WCF? For Denver to even sniff the WCF you are telling me NeNe Hilario looks like the player who is worth the contract he was given. you're telling me Kmart is back to form when he was in Jersey. You're telling me Jr Smith has become the player some said he had the potential of becoming. You're telling me George Karl is coaching one of his better seasons in his career. You're telling me alot of things and not "Denver got Billups, look out! WCF? I wont be surprised!". This isnt about slamming Billups. He's a dope PG, heck I'd love him in Philly. But Billups in Philly doesnt make Iggy look any better than he has shown thus far. He doesnt answer the shooting woes of the team. He doesnt make Lou Williams more controlled, less eractic nor does he improve sammy Dalemberts low bball IQ. He'll do and help areas that Andre Miller doesnt. Lets be straight on that. And he make them a better team just because. But there are problems, issues, weakenesses with the Sixers that Billups alone just does not solve. It takes more than him. And it will take more than Billups if Denver is to be any more successful with him than they were with AI.
i never said anything about WCF

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