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I'd actually take Melo, even if that's considered going against the grain or being 'stupid' ... fact is, I think Melo is the better player not only now, but will be years into the future. His defense is no worse than Dirk's, and yet Melo can do more on the offensive end. He's more physical, has a better body, hits jumper's with same consistency, but what he has that Dirk doesn't ... is that Melo can free himself up with dribble moves. Plus, I just think Dirk is totally weak mentally. It's leaked onto his on-court performance for years. And none more evident than being named League MVP, and coming out in an opening Playoff round against a #8 seed ... and getting tossed around like a little *****, having normally weak defenders completely shut you down. It was pathetic to watch, and this really isn't the only time it's happened. I've seen it many a time with Dirk Nowitzki.
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