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Originally Posted by -primetime- that all the great GOBB has?...a damn emoticon?

where is any reply to my post about GS just played really good?...ANYONE?

that's what I thought

Just played real good? Thats ur excuse for Dirk the MVP not being able to take advantage of GSW mini lineup? Not being able to post them up? Oh ok, i follow.

Wasnt aware MVP winners couldnt rise to the occasion, handle adversity, when their teams backs are against the wall carry them to the promise land. All the shyt you type about Dirk and how great he is? Well his greatness took an early vacation that series. I wonder who was wearing Kryptonite? Sjax? Harrington? Baron Davis outplayed and outshined Dirk. Thanks Dallas for waking up Davis. We forgot how good the mofo was. Dirk you got a got Davis in the post take him take him CLANK. Wow, you took a fadeaway stiff jumper Dirk and hit the front of the iron?
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