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Originally Posted by Riddler
The thing that sucks is even if we win the division. we'll probably have to play Chicago in the first round, maybe Seattle.

Both of those teams destroyed us... and if Chicago wins their division, we'll have to play Green Bay which is even worse.

The thing is people point to the Giants like we sucked and suddenly did not suck. Run 1 we came together, got some players back and it coincided with Eli growing up. Run 2 (and the Packers run at 9-7) are teams with massive (everyone, even guys playing like Tuck were hurt) injury problems where they got the players back OR the replacements finally came together.

It was not because we had poor coaching and stupid decision making that cost us games constantly.

Something needs to click on with Dallas for them to do this, something needs to change in the DNA in the next 5 weeks. No, that is not impossible, but it's necessary.
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