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Default Re: Let s be real: Hibbert is the best center in the league

Lol at people saying Hibbert has no offensive game. Probably still living in denial that he has grown from his Georgetown days. Hibbert led the league in hookshots last year, and shot over 65% on them. He doesn't get spoonfed baskets (srs, look at the percentage of his FGs that are assisted, it's comically low compared to Dwight, Lopez, Gasol, Jefferson, etc.), so he has to create almost every one of his baskets by himself. That counts.

Sure, Tyson chandler may shoot 70% on nothing but alleyopps and putbacks. But Roy commands a double team and you can run an offense through him. You can't say the same about Dwight, who in addition to having no post game, is a terrible passer and can't shoot FTs.
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