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Default Re: PS4 Won't Play Used Games

Originally Posted by Loneshot

Cold blooded. If MS doesn't do this, then Sony will definitely die out as very few will want a console that doesn't allow them to share their games. Luckily i'm not a big gamer or else i'd be annoyed at this. Sony will get some bad press as this would lead to Gamefly/Gamestop making huge layoffs.

Best Buy, eBay, Amazon too... and I'm sure many other smaller organizations we're missing out on. Is this really even constitutional? I know it's pure blasphemy within the gaming industry (from a fan or local gaming store's owner perspective). As if Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo weren't already tapping into and having a foothold within the industry itself with virtually zero competition amongst one another, they (well at this point, Sony) have to take it to this level.

It wouldn't be the end of the world or anything, it's more than anything the principle behind it that rubs me the wrong way. Not all secondhand gaming is for the purpose of selling back. What if you just simply want to let someone borrow the game, or take it to a friend's house and play? Do you have to transport your entire system too?

I think there's a strong possibility this will be retracted by Sony - especially if Microsoft and Nintendo do the right thing - which is NOT follow suit. Even if Sony doesn't destroy themselves, I think they'd eventually be less profitable by making this decision b/c A: most people will ONLY buy games THEY ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE. B: cost-conscience gamers will not buy as many titles because they know they can't trade-in or resale them and C: it'll leave a bitter taste in customer's mouths.

I think it's one thing (and a good thing) to crackdown on pirating and those who "burn" games (IMO, that's just like stealing and actually hurts the industry), but this is just an enhanced bitch move. I think in the greater interest of the industry itself, Sony will not win this one. Lawmakers might shoot it down on the facet of it impacting so many other aspects of the marketplace (like GameStop, other aftermarket sales, etc).

Yes, I realize Sony (or the others) aren't getting any "kickback" or anything from the secondhand gaming thing, but secondhand gaming is one of the reasons why the gaming industry is still thriving, even in a down economy. You take away this feature that benefits consumers, and you will see the gaming population decline. When it's all said and done, Sony could be shooting themselves in the foot.

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