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Default Re: PS4 Won't Play Used Games

This is simply a patent and I'm sure many patents are filed under the Playstation brand each year, but it's interesting speculation at this time.

At first glance the only place this seems remotely feasible is Japan. Sony actually does have an iron grip on the console market there; the Xbox 360 is a joke and Nintendo is very niche and particular. Used games are a huge part of the gaming culture there, so trying to abolish that will be very controversial. Still there is opportunity because the Japanese consumer has more willingness to spend a lot of money on games and a reluctance towards piracy and illegality. If there is any place this might work all else remaining equal it's Japan.

For the rest of the world this is a bit more problematic, but you can definitely think of scenarios where this is feasible. Sony could for instance simply go to Microsoft and say "Hey dudes, if only Sony does this we are fucked so that's not going to happen, but if we BOTH do this we both win". There might not even be an alternative.
Microsoft might be working on their own thing.
Or, though a long shot, what if Microsoft goes download only with their new console?

I still think next generation is a generation too soon, but used games aren't here to stay. We are already subconsciously acquiescing to this by getting so much of our stuff, whether it's games or movies or music, in a downloadable form. Where you are paying for the right to personally use that media, but not to own it or sell it. This trend is only going to grow and this patent is merely the same idea in physical form: a hybrid of the past and the future.

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