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Default Trying for a championship. Any moves here?

My point guards are not helping much this week, so it's hard to measure where I stand. Is Udrich going to stink this year? I had high hopes for him. Manu is my secret weapon...I drafted him in the 8th round. Here are some FAs, I've been pondering. I'm thinking about dropping Felton, but feeling like I need to give him a chance to help me with assists. I also thought about punting assists, and grabbing some threes and/or FG% players. JR Smith is available and seems to be part of Denver's offense. Please help? Thanks a lot!

10 team/h2h/9 cats
Here's my team

PG Baron Davis
SG Hedo Turkoglu
G Beno Udrih
SF Shawn Marion
PF Rudy Gay
F Tyrus Thomas
C Zydrunas Ilgauskas
PF/C David Lee
SF,PF Gerald Wallace
SG Manu Ginobili
PG,SGRaymond Felton
C Andrew Bynum
PF, C Brook Lopez

FAs available:
JR Smith
Louis Williams
Al Thorton
Wilson Chandler
Morris Peterson
Nate Robinson
Derek Fisher
Amir Johnson

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