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Default Re: Kobe interviewed on AM 710

Originally Posted by DKLaker
I think there is a trust issue there but it can be repaired as long as he sticks to a set lineup....this will also help Kobe, Pau, Bynum....everyone get comfortable and get into a flow by knowing where everyone will be and where their spots are, where to and not to give them the ball.
I think Brown should've taken minutes away from Fish and not Mini Mamba....he has to have the balls to make these type of unpopular decisions for the good of the team.....right now he seems weak.
I would start Mini Mamba, bring in Blake and Fish gets about 5 minutes a game....I'd just tell him like it is and advise him to join the coaching staff.

So we've reached some common ground here. I do agree that Fisher was given some green light this season by being played a lot. Take away the minutes now and its a problem. I wish they could have limited him this season. Its something Phil Jackson never really did either.

Do you think owners and management have a say in how much Fisher gets to play?
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