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Default Re: Conf Finals: Pistons-Cavs Game 4

Originally Posted by KempSonics
So how bad does the NBA want Lebron in the finals?

As an NBA fan that was sickening to watch. All those stares and all the posing James does is embarrasing. He's an embarrasment to the human race. Hopefully the Pistons end his season and can his arrogant a$$. Why would any non-Cavs fan like Lebron James. I hate that fudge packer. All he does is scowl and whine and I'm tried of hearing about him every second of my life. End his season Pistons. PLease. You'll have to play 5 on 8 even more from here on out but just do it.

Any why'd they call that technical on Rasheed? It's the 4th quarter in the Eastern Conf. Finals. Why? Because Lebron is cool? 1 more tech and Sheed misses a game in the friggin playoffs! Love the NBA.

This from a man who uses a washed out doped up could have been in his username.

still luv ya Rayne Man

scowl and whine? oh no Payton never did that...
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