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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Smoke117
Ironically, I really enjoyed the Hobbit, but that was an adventure novel, really. I'm still baffled by the fact that Peter Jackson stretched it out to three, 2 and half hour movies.
Of the things The Hobbit did poorly, this wasn't one of those things for me. You can't tell the story of The Hobbit in a film the way its told in the book and have it be anything more than an incomplete film.

A couple of examples why:
- Gandalf just straight up vanishes for a big chunk of the book and then reappears right before the Battle. The book never tells you where he goes; he just leaves. You can't have a main character just up and leave, especially arguably THE central character of these six movies.
- Bilbo is knocked unconscious for the majority of the actual Battle itself; it starts, he gets conked on the head, he wakes up and the Battle is over. Tolkien gives a brief rundown of a few things that happen and then rejoins Bilbo when he wakes up. You can't tell a battle story like that on screen.
- Several meaningful sequences in the films (escape from Mirkwood, Lake Town, Rivendell, the entire freaking Battle itself), Tolkien gives them absolutely no substance in the book, preferring to strictly stay with events through Bilbo's eyes. Don't forget, the book was written for children; the movies were constructed for a much broader audience. Kids don't really care about Bard beyond the fact that he eventually kills the dragon and becomes King doing so. You can't tell his story in the film that way.

I can forgive the abundant use of CGI. PJ had 2.5 years to pre-produce the LotR movies...for The Hobbit films, he had 5-6 months after del Toro left the project. Sorry but you're not going to be able to build massive city-sized outdoor sets and truck them out to remote locations around New Zealand with that kind of time frame; you're gonna have to go green screen for a lot of stuff and you could tell watching the special features for these movies that PJ wasn't terribly happy with having to do it.

Overall, I don't hate The Hobbit movies the way a lot of folks do. I actually rather enjoyed them. People wanted them to be LotR 2.0 and that just wasn't what they were going to be. Personally, I think a lot of the criticism is intensely hipsterish with those movies, i.e. "Oh my God, totally not as good as the originals"...followed by regurgitated generic complaints they read from some blog.
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