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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Originally Posted by Shade8780
It's actually the opposite.

People wanted a Hobbit movie or two. Instead, they got three three-hour long LotR prequels.

People wanted a lot of different things from those films. Overall, the LotR films were so much like nothing else we'd seen before...I think people wanted THAT again. Not possible, imo. You can't lose your virginity twice.

And if people were mad that they got a LotR prequel, that's on them: The Hobbit *is* a LotR prequel. Those events lead to what we see in LotR and LotR couldn't be the story it is without events of The Hobbit. And that story is too complex to be "a Hobbit movie or two" if you're going to tell it completely and not do like Tolkien did and just leave massive portions of it out only to slap it in the Appendices of the sequel years later.

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