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Default Re: **** You Chicago

Originally Posted by bagelred
For the record, I'm not p-ssed at the Bulls. Smart move dumping Hinrich.

I'm p-ssed at the Wizards. Letting Chicago do this was beyond retarded. They not only screwed over Heat, Knicks, and Nets, they screwed over THEMSELVES. They're in the same conference. Was Hinrich really worth it? Geez, man, make the Bulls give up Noah or something.....


We'll see. The most hilarious thing that would ever happen is Bulls having the best "situation" to offer Lebron and Lebron STILL goes to Knicks. That would be the absolute ultimate "F U" to Chicago. Wow, I don't think they'd ever recover.

Better cross your fingers, Chicago.


It's not fair the Bulls dumped a contract, now they're front runners for LeBron!

The Wizards screwed us! Just like Vince McMahon screwed Stone Cold Steve Austin!
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