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Default Bill Simmons' mailbag brings up a good point about Lin and LeBron

Doesn't LeBron James have to be kicking himself watching Jeremy Lin light up Madison Square Garden? LeBron could be the man lighting up the Garden, and he would be legendary for revitalizing basketball in New York! If he was ever to question his "Decision," you'd think it would be on the night Lin put up 38 and drew "MVP!" chants against the Lakers.

Isn't what's currently going on with Jeremy Lin in New York the ultimate example of why Lebron should have signed there? The kid had a few good games and now OWNS the biggest city in America. Imagine what Lebron could have done there ... I know it's beating a dead horse at this point, but what a cop out.

Do you see how the Garden is electric with Jeremy Lin? He's a legend in NY in less than 2 weeks. That's what LeBron never realized. If he came to The NYK every single game would be like that. We as a city are so starved for basketball success that if he brought us a championship he would have been a Greek god in NYC just walking along with the mortals. I hate LeBron.

I never thought of it that way. NY Media is insane and Bron could have benefited from this hype cos the Knicks would have been instant contenders with him and Amare

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