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Default One Thread About how bad the Warriors really are

I'll try to keep my thoughts in this one thread, instead of continuing to make new ones. Hope that flies. But the Warriors are absolutely atrocious. Abysmal. Shocking. And they make me wanna get socked in the face. In fact I was so infuriated that I missed a stop sign.

This team is absolutely embarrassing. They don't show up to play every night. And every night they have excuses, plenty of them. It's always about a certain player having a career night, not being able to miss, whatever. Last night against Chicago my friend said this was acceptable because the Bulls had lost by 40 the night before and were due. That is bs. The Warriors needed that win and ended the home stand at 4 and 3. They lost ground while playing at home, and didn't take advantage.

Both Mark Jackson and Jarret Jack said that last night was embarrassing. Mortifying. An absolute let down to the fans, the coaches, and the whole entire staff and organization. Complete filth. Jack means it. When Curry's tongue came to customs, he was just repeating the same old stuff about how they got to bring it next game. Speaking of next game, they will fall to the 7th spot, as they play Houston and are only a half game in front. They won't be able to out class Houston because they never overcome their weaknesses. Houston feels like they have them in check mate.

This team doesn't play as a team. They let their fans down. Oracle went from ear killing loud to complete silence like a church. The crowd was shook. They saw the Bulls beat them in front of their own eyes, only to leave with an Authentic fan shirt. This team needs help. They need real help. Lee is always having a hard time defending. Bogut is getting gassed physically and gassed up by the team. Thompson won't stop launching. And Curry is atrociously turning over the ball. I think he turned the ball over 3 times in the last 10 seconds against the Pistons, to end the quarter. And then Biedrins has scored less points per game than the number of games we have played. I can probably count the number of fingers on my hand and that number would be more than the amount of free throws he has made in the last 3 years. And that is not a joke.
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