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Default Re: Lakers should ask for Royce White instead of Scola in Houston Trade

Originally Posted by BallsOut

Scola is like a poor man's version of Gasol, the guy we are trying to trade. Why the hell would the Lakers want someone like him back, and on top of that 3 years at 9 mill per season contract?

The Lakers front office has already stated, they want a good proven player and young player with upside back in a Gasol trade. Lowry, Martin and Royce for Gasol is fair to me. It also happens to address all of their weaknesses as well as not tying them down with any large long term contracts.

Duh........Gasol is making $19 million a year not Scola's $9 million!!!!
If Gasol played as hard as Scola and made $9 million there is no freaking way anyone would consider trading him.

Who knows what the hell Royce will do in the NBA???
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