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Default Re: anyone here coach?

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
ive done some coaching for some provincial development teams in toronto (pretty much AAU level ball but in toronto)

im still pretty young so the players really related to me more than the head coach. Assistant coaching is much more fun to tell you the truth, you're not the authoritarian, you're that second voice that either reinforces whatever the head coach says or provides a new perspective on the same idea.

What you should really do first before anything is to immediately figure out what every players' strengths are, what they would like to get better at, what you think they should get better at and start from there, it's a good place to start. A lot of great coaches started as film guys and worked their way up through player development. Players love coaches who aren't just concerned with winning but understand that they want to get better as players, not just be a piece to some puzzle all the time.

also, high school ball players are very self-conscious. remember all those times when you played when the coach complimented you in practice and you knew he was acknowledging something you did.

now remember all the times he didn't. and it made you boil, and wanna work harder sometimes, and sometimes make you say eff this guy he doesnt even acknowledge the work im putting in.

HS players get jealous, they get tentative, they get emotional about the game in general. when doing drills give them AS MUCH FEEDBACK TO EVERY SINGLE PLAYER AS POSSIBLE! The head coach cannot always do this, so it will be up to you most times to be that guy.

once scrimmages start, THEN you can be a fly on the wall and let them play through their mistakes.

i know a lot of good drills as well that you can use so if you need 'em just bump this thread and i got you covered
sounds good man. got some drills already but i gotta see how it goes first.
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