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Default Re: New KG to Lakers rumor, 3 way deal (GealRM)

Originally Posted by XxNeXuSxX
Cool... but that's not being rumored. :)

You're right. However, every Thursday, owner Larry H. Miller is on 1280 the zone. Before everyone gets muzzled about FA's except for two representatives per team, they asked him about some free agents. When KG came up he said something like, you'd be crazy not to think about trying to get him [KG]. If we could do something that left two unnamed young core players that would be somethin.

Think of the possibilities

x (1 of 4 prosepects)
Mo Pete (signing would be done deal with KG)

Plus KG could get used to a title contender....
ok, that's enough dreaming about what will really not happen.
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