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Default Re: New KG to Lakers rumor, 3 way deal (GealRM)

After James trade, Foye ready to be full-time starter for Wolves

Foye will be starting at PG for the Wolves next year. So here's what the lineup would look like after that trade.

PG - R. Foye/M. Jaric/T. Hudson
SG - R. Davis/R. McCants/B. Wright
SF - G.Green/T. Hassell/C. Brewer
PF - J. Howard/T. Ratliff/K. Brown/C. Smith
C - M. Blount/A. Bynum/M. Madsen

Minnesota has a veteran presence to teach the young guys. They got expiring contracts (K.Brown and T. Ratliff) at the end of the year. J. Howard expires in 2 years. They have LOTS of really young talent. Bynum would be going into his 3rd season, Foye into his second, Brewer and Wright are rookies. Green is really young. Sure they might not be great next season, but even if Minnesota keeps KG, I think they are expected to finish in the bottom of the west. Might as well start rebuilding and get these guys some chemistry and experience together.
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