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Default Re: What America was built on, Vs what it's been replaced with.

Originally Posted by joe
I don't believe gold is in a bubble at all. Gold's rise in price is a response to the growing weakness of the dollar, IMO. Gold, being stable, is a good inflation hedge.

But ya I don't want to get into it either, I actually kinda hate conflict but I'm always debating with people about economics. Ha. I tell myself to stop taking it so seriously... but then I keep studying the economy and I end up making the rounds, writing/talking about the economy as often as I can.

I see you like it, and discussing and studying it is great. However, I do think you should research other points of view different from the neoliberals and the austrian school (some of whose members I do like and respect, like Menger for instance). Partisanism is never good, and Economics is a non-canonic discipline if there's ever been one. There are some paradigms, but their validity is often only temporary because the economy grows and develops in new shapes.
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