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Default Re: What America was built on, Vs what it's been replaced with.

Originally Posted by Lebowsky
I see you like it, and discussing and studying it is great. However, I do think you should research other points of view different from the neoliberals and the austrian school (some of whose members I do like and respect, like Menger for instance). Partisanism is never good, and Economics is a non-canonic discipline if there's ever been one. There are some paradigms, but their validity is often only temporary because the economy grows and develops in new shapes.

I hear ya. I have studied outside of the austrian some. I've def. gone into the most detail with austrian but.. I was raised by democrats and have always been in a liberal family. I grew up thinking "those damn rich bastards... we need the government to take some of that money back!" lol. It wasn't until further inspection that I realized I'm a lot more libertarian, but it was after some research and seeing what ideas struck me. But I just believe in America and I'm sick of hearing people say the constitution has no bearing on us today. People like that don't even understand why the thing was written. They have no grasp of US history.
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