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Default Re: #Vino is the first player since Wilt......

Originally Posted by 9erempiree
How come ESPN is not talking about this particular stat that is cherry picked around the Laker community but is always done for a certain player.

Kobe aka Mamba aka Vino is the first player to ever......wait for it.....wait.....

First player to post a statline like that while shooting 67% in 50 yrs. Goes all the way back to Wilt.

40 plus points and 10 plus assist @67 percent clip.

You guys know I don't care but how come ESPN isn't posting it.


Err, no.

Jordan, 1988 vs. Phoenix: 43 pts/13 ast on 17-25 FG (68%). Others have done it too, as KBlaze noted.
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