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Default Great stoner moments

Okay, here's a thread of all the funny and/or dumb sh!t we've all done while stoned

- I was smoking bud with this chick... When I'm high and I'm around girls, I get really touchy feely and won't hesitate touching down there, the ass, the boobies, etc. I was rubbing one of her nipples still with her shirt on. It was funny because one of the nipples were hard and the other one wasn't. She didn't mind so that was pretty cool. If I didn't get drunk and pass out, I would have gotten laid

- I lit a ciggarette backwards and no one told me untill I smoked half way past the filter. That was the worst cigarette of my life

- I was trying to light a roach when it was in my mouth. I burnt my lips with my lighter.

- I was stoned at work(I'm a busser at a resturant). I grabbed at someone's iced-tea to fill it up, it was still 1/3 empty, I had a bad grip on it and dropped it on the biggest guy on the table and almost got my ass kicked.

- Another work moment: I filled up someone's iced-tea, but instead of leaving the cup on their table, I left the pitcher there and didn't realise it untill I walked in the swinging door.

- I was smoking a roach and lodged that sh!t in my throught while lit. That sucked. I had a sore throught from hell for a good 4 days.
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