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Default Re: Great stoner moments

Interesting stoner moment:

Everyone is familiar with the art of "wake and bake" right? Well, when I was in highschool (graduated in 04), it was literally routine for my friends and I. It helped that my first class for two years in a row was home-ec-cooking :

Anyways, on a normal morning, I met up with my friend at the bus stop at the top of my street (yes, I rode the loser cruiser for a little bit). So I woke up, got ready for school as quick as I could, walk by my mom who was watching tv (she mentions some crap about the news), and went to the bus stop. We began our daily routine of getting blazed. This time we were blazing a blunt, but not always. So, we're getting high and stuff, waking up, etc. Our bus shows up, and our b*tchy bus driver (who would always give us sh*t about getting on the bus smelling like smoke/weed) apparently was fed up with us this time. All covertly, she radios/calls the administators at school and once we arive, they're ready to interogate us (wisely, neither my friend or I was "holding" anything). Everybody leaves the bus except for us, the administrators come in, can tell we're high as hell (smoking a blunt stank up our hands and clothes), and they take us to the office. We proceed to get in trouble, administrators acting like as*holes and everything. We end up getting suspended, and sent home...

So, my dad comes and picks me up. He was of course angry, but suprisingly had something else on his mind. He yells at me a bit, you know, normal stuff. Then, he asks me, "did you hear what happened?". "what?", I asked. He goes on, "there was some sort of terrorist attack in New York this morning". I was a bit shocked and befuddled. I then realized why my mom was glued to the tv set this morning, and how I had passed it off as nothing. Here I was getting sent home, and the rest of the school was supposedly "on lock down"... All in all, I really picked the wrong day to get in trouble. OR, the right day, depending on how you look at it. My bad behaviour was definitely in the shadow of this immense tragedy...

So, I went home, turned on the television, and watched it for the next 5 or so hours. Soaking in as much as I could about this horrible event... Altogether, it was really just one bad day. I'll never forget it.
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