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Default Re: Pistons would like to trade Richard Hamilton

Originally Posted by dd24
Haha, just noticed that someone neg repped me in this thread....

I've been getting some pretty random ones lately too.

It's a shame Kanter's stock is rising that high. This draft class lacks elite firepower, so I think not playing might be helping him. As he "might" be that super elite talent the draft is missing, at least people are talking themselves into that mindset as he might be worth the risk if they don't think anyone else is worth their top pick.

I also think Terrence Jones will be rising above where we'll be picking too. He could have been a solid player for us, not a big or a point, but I think he'll have a real impact in the NBA. He fits a run and gun system better though so it'll be good for him.

Derrick Williams, John Henson and Jan Vesely are some players I'd like to know more about if anyone has any good clips/knowledge to drop on me.
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