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Default Re: Bad lost to the Pacers. Sigh

Despite all, it was a boneheaded coaching error that ultimately cost them the game. On the game winning layup, 'Antoni had Pau in the game instead of Jordan Hill, when I saw that I said, "Watch this game winning layup around Pau" seriously I did. A decent defensive coach puts in his best defenders in that situation and Pau is definitely not one of them, he played the situation as poorly as he could've, terrible positioning, terrible angle as usual. The Pacers saw the weak link and attacked it. Apparently Nate McMillan is not coming so get used to a failing defense and bad coaching decisions on defense.

Coaching 101: If your team is shooting like crap you need to have 2 guys crashing the boards on every shot......there were long stretches where we would shoot and immediately race back on defense....not the way to win these games....but it's what we can expect from 'Antoni.
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