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Default Re: Bad lost to the Pacers. Sigh

No reason to pin this loss other than on these few points:

>Terrible free throw shooting (23/43)

>Joey Crawford needs to be fired as a referee. Someone complains and he loses the game for that team intentionally.

>We need Nash back. Morris shows potential, but 1 point between him and Duhon is not only embarrassing, but Smush Parker-esque.

>Pau Gasol started off bad but then he picked it up towards the end with his rebounding and free throw shooting. I can't blame it on him if he ignited the team to play hard in the end.

>This loss had nothing to do with coaching DK. This game wasn't even supposed to go down to the wire. Lakers blew that up themselves

Edit: On a positive note, at least Kobe had a triple double lol (40/10/10 turnovers)

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