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Default Re: Breaking: US and Britain pledge to use force within two weeks in Syria.

Originally Posted by Nick Young
The reasons for the assassinations are they are targetted at terrorists. Many of these terrorists have been American citizens. Many of these Americans targeted for robot assassination were not given free trial. Obama has no constitutional right to order their deaths.

The "collateral damage" IE deaths of innocent civilians is excessive, and they would not have needed to die if Obama sent in ground troops to bring the terrorists to justice instead of carpet bomb a huge area with flying death robots.

The Obama drones are "aimed at terrorists" and yet they have lead to the deaths of thousands of civilians. It doesn't matter what you call it, or what obama's "intent" was. The facts are these drones are causing terror and death to thousands of innocent civilians. How are these drone attacks not an act of state sponsored terrorism?

What if the Pakistani government was sending these drones to farmers in Kansas, aimed at "terrorists" but killed thousands of US civillians in the process?

Would that not be an act of state sponsored terrorism? How is what Obama's doing any different?
i think it's possible that a certain line of good sense got crossed. what you say seems very reasonable, if so.

the question is, did that line get crossed? i have no utterly idea. i respect your opinion but would also like to hear from others on that.

Originally Posted by Nick Young
... I guess what I mean is I try to see things for what they actually are, rather then whichever way the politicians are trying to sell it to us. Of course I am probably biased myself. For the record I grew up supporting democrats it a very liberal household but once I became voting age and started actually researching the two parties myself I realized I disagree with both of the two sides and don't really try to lean towards either.
okay, cheers to that. i would just hope you can continue to refine that process... maybe entertain some different opinions to help round out your view sometimes. like i said, your understanding of world issues is superior to most IMO.

i think that maybe the biggest problem with the political is that we expect politicians to do a lot of the work that we ourselves should be doing. the problem with the two-party system fades to irrelevance in that light. of course that's a long, different topic.
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