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Default Re: Breaking: US and Britain pledge to use force within two weeks in Syria.

Originally Posted by gigantes
interesting take. i'd like to see what one of our known political watchers has to say in response.

couple things pop in to my mind-- obammers inherited the current wars, so that has to play in to the equation. also, drone strikes killing people are not the same thing as coalition troops needlessly dying. the difference is that the innocent victims are the civilians caught in the vicinity of the terrorist strikes as opposed to our innocent young people sent off to war. and the cost of drone strikes would be far less than standard military operations, i would guess.

also, AFAIK obama has acted far more in line with the UN and partner nations than bush ever did. to call him a bigger warmonger than bush seems pretty far out.

no, obama was not my choice for prez, but i'm not going to lump him with junior just yet.

The deaths increased under Obama is true only if you count Afghanistan and do not count Iraq.

As for the Obama is a pacifist, the people who say that have not been listening to Obama. Since at least 2007 he talked about focusing more on Afghanistan than Iraq

In 2009, he said he would add surge troops to Afghanistan and then draw down in 2011. In 2010 the end date was shifted to 2014 because they said the Non-Taliban Afghan forces would be killed by the Taliban.
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