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Default Re: Database:Every Player in NBA history with a Ring

Originally Posted by KOBE143
Of course all were legit regular season not shortened or lockout season..

What? So you basically say that if Lebron played 82 games (lots of inbetween time) instead of 66 (a game almost everyday, which is much more grueling and impressive to prevail) and equally much playoff games he wouldnt have won a championship? Just because he would have played about 10 or more regular season games? WTF??? I wonder what would happen during those games?!??? What kindof stupid logic could possibly be dwelling inside your brain?

You mr sour Kobetard kiddie need to unregister your account and stop wasting our time....

As far as Kobe goes, its HIM you need to "1/2 ring" point at..... he has 3 true half rings.....

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