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Default Re: Da 10 best possible compliments to get from a woman

Originally Posted by VCDrivesAPorscheToWork
i went to a titty bar once and for $40, i got my hostess to say "i want to suck your di ck" and then start tonguing me.

then for another $100, I got her to take her top off and stuff it in my face while sitting on my lap and she starts to hop on me up and down (no actual penetration though.. no prostitution in the titty bar) but it was enough to get me pumping.

moral of the story:

"Money buys compliments"

it is called a "lap dance"...and they are usually just $20. In most topless bars you can find a dancer that will blow you for $100. Prostitution is not legal but in most places they don't give a sh-it. You can get a dancer to shove her chest in your face for $1 if you walk up to her while she is got ripped off buddy.

but then again most topless bars have a steep cover charge and extremely pricey drinks, so to have a decent night your looking at around $150.
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