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Default Re: Black Ops 2 info revealed

Originally Posted by GOBB
I'm a little lost at how the pointstreaks work.
From what I understand, lethal killstreaks will not add any points to your killstreak count, but things such as uavs and cuavs add either 15 or 25 points (forgot which number I saw) to your count for every kill your team gets while they are up. Also in objective based games like Domination a capped flag = 150 points, while a kill is 50 points. So the value is 1 flag = 3 kills, unlike MW3 where 1 kill = 1 flag. It also seems as if the offense and defense bonuses will count towards your pointstreak, although that I'm unsure of. Regular assists also count now as well. Seems like anything that helps your team win counts.
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