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Default Re: King James Wants Erik Spoelstra To Bow To Him

Originally Posted by gts
I don't think he hates him. He examines him deeper and fans don't like it. Fans don't want to hear their hero has flaws.

There's been plenty of time he's pointed out the good things about Lebron or his game he's just one of the few that has seen through the BS for along time and now everything he has been saying for a couple years is coming true.

While other media outlets heralded Lebron and his camp Wojo has held him accountable and held him up for who he is.
Look at the history of work though. They is a definite vibe of animosity when he has to write a "negative" LeBron piece.
Originally Posted by Samurai Swoosh
Seriously ... you don't see how people could dislike LeBron and his people? They're scummy.
Never said that. Why you got that from what I typed I don't know.

LeBron may or may not be a total scumbag. Still doesn't explain why WoJo takes such a personal slant when he writes a piece on LeBron.

Michael Jordan is a 100% grade A douche yet most writers give him a pass on it. The ones that don't normally have a story on why they take the personal angle on Jordan pieces.
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