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Default Re: Will Mass Effect 3 be the greatest game of this generation?

Originally Posted by crosso√er
Well, then it's no different then me not valuing your opinion now is it?
Can't have your cake and eat it too. You and Clipperfan sound just like those "fanboys" that review games online.

Mass Effect 1/2 was an exclusive on Xbox until a few months ago; so what exactly is the difference there?

You sound like a hypocrite trying to belittle others opinion; the minute you rolled your eyes at someone suggesting Uncharted was a better game, solidifies my opinion about your bias.

You didn't suggest anything. You flat out said Uncharted was better, just like we did with Mass Effect. We are all talking in circles here. You clearly feel Uncharted is better. What you're not understanding here is less flawed doesn't mean better game by ANY stretch. You accusing me of being an RPG fanatic, not an all around gamer couldn't be further from the truth. Some of the most memorable and amazing games ever have been very flawed titles. Uncharted has less flaws than Mass Effect... which is why you'll see the slightly higher ratings. These breakdowns factor in pointless things like sound quality etc. They also factor in the few glitches etc.

The engine that Uncharted runs is superior when it comes to efficiency and even graphics BUT that doesn't make it a better title. If you consider a Tomb Raider style game the best of the generation that's you but most "Hardcore gamers" are going to prefer the deeper game. Not everyone is an RPG gamer or a Sci Fi junkie but no doubt Mass Effect has way more content, a better plot, control over the plot and a much more memorable voice acting crew.

Go to IMDB and look up Mass Effect's voice crew and you'll see some really impressive names, especially in the 2nd game and 3rd one coming up. These aren't a bunch of unknown people. Bioware used the best of everything.

Your listings before proved these games are on the same tier. Polls have proven they are pretty much dead even. Sales for both franchises are in the 7-8 million range between the first 2 games. They are very much the top dogs and top franchises of this generation when it comes to quality. As for who's the best comes down to preference but we clearly disagree here so no need to keep this going. Let's wait for both games to come out and then judge. I personally think Deus Ex is going to win GOTY and beat out Uncharted 3 for 2011.
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