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Default Re: Has Shaq surpassed The Dream on the GOAT list?

[quote=Ricardo Tubbs]People don't realize just how weak Shaq's competition was compared to Hakeem. Hakeem has six All-NBA first team appearances. The centers that were on the second team behind him those years are:

88, 89, 93:Ewing

And Hakeem was robbed of a first team appearance in 1986 because voters felt like Kareem deserved it (he didn't).

Shaq meanwhile has eight first team appearances. Who did he have to beat out?

98:Robinson (the post-surgery version)
01: Dikembe
02:nobody (no center even made the second team)
03, 04:Ben Wallace
05:nobody again
06:Ben Wallace

That competition is reminiscent of the Mikan days.

And I think people also forget just how much better Hakeem was defensively. Hakeem won two DPOYs and made three All-Defense first teams and four second teams. When he was doing this, he was beating guys like Robinson, Ewing, Eaton, and Dikembe.

People were amazed this season because Gerald Wallace averaged 2 steals and 2 blocks…that's weaksauce. Hakeem once averaged 2.1 steals and 4.6 blocks in the same season. He averaged over 1.5 steals and 3 blocks a game NINE seasons. Two seasons where he didn't, he averaged 2.1/2.7 and 1.6/2.9. Shaq has NEVER averaged over a steal a game and reached 3 blocks a game only ONCE (and it was like 3.03).[/QUOTE

Well said. i am a big hakeem fan. i personally think he is second on the list. behind kareem. but well said.

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