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Default Re: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Originally Posted by Kungfro
I had similar problems. Played on 360, and my game would freeze quite a bit, usually on loading screens. It got worse the further I got too, it did eventually become unplayable for me. I even installed it to the hard drive and still had problems. Got it on my pc when it went on sale and haven't had a single problem with it.

I'm probably gonna trade it in with some other ps3 games and get it on pc. So frustrating, and yea I get it on loading screens a lot. Happened today once, so I went on a different quest (froze the last time I tried that door too a few weeks back) and that's what I posted about in the previous post. I want to play this game!! Why won't it let me play this game!!

Thanks Kungfro! I'm gonna make the switch.
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