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Default The Miami Heat NEXT season

So the heat were the big joke this yr. But what about next year. Looks pretty promising if wade is healthy but that is a big if. Another risky asumption is that marion stays w/ the team. However, asuming wade's healthy and marion stays the heat should bounce back strong next yr. With top 5 pick they should get rose, beasley, hibbert, or someone of that sort. And w/ shaq's contract gone, they got loads of money to spend on free agents. I hear that arenas and iverson are free agents next yr correct me if im wrong. Say they pick up arenas and draft hibbert. Heres there lineup:

pg arenas
sg wade
sf marion
pf haslem
c hibbert/blount

or if they draft rose
pg rose
sg wade
sf marion
pf haslem
c blount
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