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No, teams that have had more time to gel together win. Especially when it's a win-or-go-home situation that always favors the underdog. What this loss proved AGAIN is that one month simply isn't enough time to form a team. Team USA AGAIN showed little to no offensive cohesion and nonexistant communication on D tonight while guarding the pick n roll. BUT I hope they keep the team together for the Olympics aside from some minor tweaks(Redd/Kobe for Miller/Jamison and better big men) and try NOT to prepare for the Olympics a couple of weeks prior to the games start.

BTW, does anyone think Greece would win one more game if they were playing a 7 game series against the current US team? I'd say we would just make the necessary adjustments(pick n roll D!!!) and roll over to a 4-1 series win. Heck, had we just made our FTs at a decent clip we WIN! As much as the international teams have improved, US is still significantly superior skills and athleticism wise compared to the rest of the world's best. Even when they play as well as Greece did today(63% FG) they barely win.
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