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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

The Man With The Iron Fists


This film pays homage to the old school kung fu flicks in this ultra stylized modernized version produced by the RZA. The RZA plays an unassuming blacksmith forced to make weapons for rival clans and ancient China so he can seek his freedom. The stakes rise higher when a clan leader is assassinated and his chosen son seeks revenge. Meanwhile a mysterious soldier (played by Russell Crowe) enters the frey and an unlikely alliance is born.

If you like this genre like I do you'll love this film. The action sequences are unique, spliced with the grace and artistry of Crouching Tiger and the visceral appeal of a Kill Bill. Strong pacing and acting throughout with Lucy Liu/Russell Crowe/Rick Yune. Even Cung Le and RZA are solid. It went in knowing it would be impressive stylistically but it was better than I expected. Great debut from the RZA.
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