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Default Re: Jonathan Isaac is the next big thing

I'm not a huge fan. I don't see star quality in him. His handles are exagerrated and aren't very good, his shooting is nothing special. His assist/TO ratio has been mediocre

He's nothing like Giannis other then being tall and slender. Giannis is on a seperate level from these Ingram/Isaac types as far as fludity and ball handling go and he was always a much much better ball handler and passer.

One thing that bothers me the most about Isaac is his small hands, he's always bobbling the ball, you can't be a star if you can't catch the ball on the drive..

Some qualities that I like are that he should at least be an above average defender eventually and can shoot a little mainly spot up jumpers..

That said I wouldn't touch Isaac in the top 10 of the draft.
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