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Originally Posted by AppleNader

also, what do you guys think about Mitch Richmond, Tim Hardaway, Kevin Johnson, and Grant Hill's chances?
Webber: No. When I think of his I think of the timeout he called as a young man and all of the postseason choking that followed it right up to becoming a spectator while Mike Bibby was left to battle LA single-handedly. Can anyone think of a playoff series where he played great? He has the statistics of an HoFer but never played that way when it mattered.

Mitch Richmond: I like him and would personally put him in, but he spent his best years putting up big numbers for an irrelevent Kings team. That's probably what's going to hurt him as much as anything else: It's the "Hall of Fame," but after Run TMC, was he really famous?

Tim Hardaway: Only an All-Star 5 times...not sure that that's enough. His HOF monitor score is 130, and databasebasketball says a likely HoFer is 135.

KJ: 3-time All-Star. Liked him a lot, but injuries killed this.

Grant Hill: 7-time All-Star, with one of those appearnaces due to a sympathy vote from fans as he wasn't even playing his first year in Orlando. A sympathy vote from the writers could put him in the Hall, but injuries have kept his career from being truly HOF-worthy.
Originally Posted by kwajo
I'd put him in the HoF for his inclusion in the Fab Five. Honestly I think all of those guys should make the Hall, maybe as a group not individuals, they revolutionized college basketball, both in playing style and off the court (particularly the commercializing of the sport).
The Fab Five popularized long shorts but other than that...what did they do? And long shorts isn't much of an achievement, by the way. They were a supremely talented recruiting class, but they never won the National Championship or even their Conference Championship.They did achieve a great deal of "fame," I'll give them that, but they never achieved greatness. The NCAA doesn't even officially recognize them because of all of their payment violations. They've been erased from the record book. They'll never get in.
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