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Default Re: Hornets fire coach Byron Scott, replace him with GM Jeff Bower

Okafor is the second best player on this team. They have the pieces or at least 3 of them. Their depth is terrible but I think the rest of the team can't be in this vacuum for long someone will inevitably adapt or develop to fit in and contribute.

Whether its his fault or not keeping Byron clearly wasn't going to change anything.

but LOL at them not dishing out money to hire a new head coach.

I think West is the player who most wanted Byron out. Sounded a little grumpy recently and has already talked about how much better they will be without Byron in press conference, also said "Pride is a dangerous thing"

I think Byron will quickly find another team and do well. He didn't have the pieces to play his style. The Hornets are so much physically slower at every position besides PG it's hard for them to defend as a team.

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