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Default Re: Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan: Who's better?

Originally Posted by Knoe Itawl
Only Kobe fans care about this "skills" thing.

KG has more "skills" than a prime Shaq. Who are you going to take in their primes? Hell, Bron has more "skills" than Shaq. Same question.

I don't quite get what the point of this "he's got better skills" thing is other than to try to find some other qualifier to get Bryant into the argument with Duncan.

Hey, Bryant also has more "skills" than a prime Shaq. Who am I taking on my team? Who is the better player?

Darius Miles has more skills and talent then most of the league, Stromile Swift as well. What they don't have is the leadership, the dedication, decision making and intelligence when it comes to basketball to do anything. Skills mean nothing, esp when your main skill is chucking, if you can't do anything else, or are a horrible leader.
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