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Default Re: Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan: Who's better?

Originally Posted by Knoe Itawl
Only Kobe fans care about this "skills" thing.

KG has more "skills" than a prime Shaq. Who are you going to take in their primes? Hell, Bron has more "skills" than Shaq. Same question.

I don't quite get what the point of this "he's got better skills" thing is other than to try to find some other qualifier to get Bryant into the argument with Duncan.

Hey, Bryant also has more "skills" than a prime Shaq. Who am I taking on my team? Who is the better player?


Who said skill determines how you are on the all time list? Just saying, as an individual player, Kobe might be better today. But like its been said before, you cant compare a big man to a guard that easy. As far as accomplishments go, I already said Duncan is ahead of Kobe and its gonna take Kobe some work to get in the discussion.

And qrich, if you think Kobe's only skill is chucking, then you're in denial.
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