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Default Re: Durant's season is really underrated

He is not having a top 15 season and Lebron probably isnt having a top 5 season either. If you cant find 15 more dominant years between Kareems first 12, Jordans first 10, Shaq 94-02, Wilt on Philly, Magic from 87-91, Bird in his prime, and so are just finding ways to act like those years dont count for one reason or another. Thats 40 years of crazy dominance and I left out Russell, Duncan, Moses Maone, and others.

If Drob had his 95 season, Lebron had his 2009, Jordan had his 92, and Shaq had his 2000 Durant and Lebron from right now....might combine for 10 first place votes. Durant likely getting none of them. They are 3 games back of first seed...which wouldnt help. Kareem probably has 2 non MVP seasons before 1978 on as high a level as anyone ever played.

Only way to rank them outside the elite is to pretty much say "It happened in 1973 so....whatever". And once you throw out long periods of time the idea of being top ____ doesnt matter anyway.

Lebron being so dominant.....while having a very good the worse conference...not even having the best record in the league?

Its kinda odd. 14 game win streak so maybe they end up better...not that being on pace for 60-61 wins isnt great.

But I dont know how it compares to leading those Cavs teams to 66 and 61 or so while also putting up "WTF?" numbers.

Really...someone else has that Cavs team and leads them to 66 wins doing usual Lebron numbers while he has his current the Cavs guy not winning MVP?

How would you not give it to him?
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