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Default Re: The Last Of Us Hype

Originally Posted by West-Side
That's weird considering how anti-social he was in the game; I liked Ellie a lot more. Nate Drake easily beats him; it's not even close to me.
Yeah it's a good point about Ellie as well. Thing with Drake, Ezio, maybe Sam Fisher, is that they've had plenty of games for character development (you could argue Sam had none through the first 3 games). Joel and Ellie had one game but they knocked it out of the park. I mean there are no beautiful letters to their loved ones or the repressed memories from losing them that you can reference like with Ezio, or epic moments with Drake, but for what the story set out to accomplish, I think they did a great job with one game.

Another protagonist that I usually criticize heavily around here but had a lot of character development in one game is Connor from AC3. Maybe even Edward from AC4.
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