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Default Re: The Lakers Achilles heel...........

Right now we have a damn good team. Not just on paper...but with the 9 win streak we also have a damn good team on the court even with the current injuries. Yes we don't know just how effective Bynum will be when he comes back...Yes Kobe's finger we all have to HOPE stays ok (so far so good). Yes we have good young players with lots of depth. Yes Gasol has already gelled well with the team and Yes we have P-Jax as our coach.

But one thing are team lacks outside of Kobe and Fisher.....Experience.
Experience of going past the first round of the playoffs. Experience of knowing what it takes to win tough series and games. Experience of playing poorly one game and fighting back the next when the stakes are high. Are young players even Gasol...they have not gone through any of that. Could we be one vet shy of really having what it takes to win a series??? Can Phil...Kobe...and Fish help are young guys out when the playoffs start? How much do you think Experience can be a factor for the outcome of our season?

I know you have to win some to lose some....are the two failures in the past two years enough to learn a lesson in what it takes to win it all?

This has actually been my biggest concern as well... and its the one thing that has been keeping me from getting my hopes up of going all the way this year.

I do think that this team is ready though. I think the experience gained over the last couple years is really starting to show...Were no longer giving away games to bad teams, and we're winning close games[which is something that didnt happen before this year]. Were not really THAT inexperienced anymore with Kobe, Fisher and Odom, and then the younger guys playing major roles in the playoffs over the last couple years in some pretty competitive series against a top tier team.

Another good sign is that players like Farmar Bynum and sasha have stepped up their game to another level, and with Phil putting trust in them when the games on the line, theyre coming through. You saw that from Farmar tonight, and also Sasha [not losing confidence when his shot wasnt falling and ending up hitting big shots in crunch time]

Also If you listen to Kobes interviews before and after games, hes constantly talking about how hes drilling the young guys about believing and "knowing we can win" I really think Kobe Phil and Fish are trying to pound it into their heads and they seem to be responding.

So anyways, I think that this team even though were young, will have the mental toughness to go all the way. Most the other teams are young as well too...except the Spurs and Pistons which are the two teams I worry about. I dont think we need to add another veteran, if worse comes to worse, we get eliminated this year...and a year from now, theres no doubt in my mind this team will be 100% in championship mode

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