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Default Re: The Lakers Achilles heel...........

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I have another worry and the worry is, what the heck is wrong with Fisher.

He can't hit layups, can't defend, and can't his his outside shots right now. He almost lost us the game against portland.

Other than that, our guys are experienced enough to know how not to lose and that will be a factor that will hopefully get us to the wcf.

lakerfreak, you know your my boy, but this has to stop haha. hes having a bad stretch, every player goes through it.

these constant complaints about players (im not talking about solely you), i dont get them..we're #1 in the West on an amazing run right now and i see a lot of nitpicking from some laker fans. its like everyone on our roster is supposed to be an all star every single night.


back to OP, I think Kobe, Fish, Phil and to an extent Odom (advanced to 2nd round after winning a game 7 before) should be enough. Our young guys will follow.

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