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Default Re: ISH Mock Draft - #17 Overall - Philadelphia 76ers

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
1. Lawson is the perfect PG for the way UNC plays. I believe that UNC would not be champs if they didn't have him.
2.Maynor is Maynor, just look at the teams of the top players. They range from VCU and Davidson, to UCLA and UNC. I don't believe a team really affects anything other than exposrue on the TV.
3.On the flip side, I think being in VCU would affect him. I didn't see them play, but I'm sure they didn't score 90-100 regularly like UNC.

I don't think playing on a great team really affects you, I think it is the style. Lawson in UCLA would be a problem. Levance Fields on UNC would be a problem.
Idk if they would have been champs or not but they surely would have been contenders just because of the talent level. But that's kind of my point. Maynor's stock would be the same no matter what team he played for whether its UNC, VCU, or whoever because he's a great PG. But I think Lawson's production was boosted by playing for such a great team. Maynor is a 1st rounder no matter where he's coming from, but would Lawson be a first rounder if he had played elsewhere?

Remember Lawson PULLED OUT of last year's draft because he couldn't get a first round guarentee. Then he wins a championship and is viewed as a middle 1st round pick in a deeper PG pool. I think Lawson's NBA success will depend on the situation he's put in but Maynor will be successful in any situation.
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